Real Estate Marketing in The Digital Era 2023

As a real estate owner, you tend to be busy with listings, showings, negotiating contracts, and finding new business opportunities every day. However, you should also focus on driving leads in the digital era of 2023 as it helps to drive leads. Want to get an idea about how real estate marketing seems to be in the digital era of 2023? Here are the key highlights:

1. Short Videos:

Short videos and reels Video content can help you to reach a wide audience on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. So, make intriguing videos on the topics below to increase outreach:

  • Tips for homebuyers
  • Tips for Homeowners
  • Personal greetings to introduce yourself to new people
  • Bits of your lifestyle to connect with clients

Video content is more crucial if you use Instagram as your main platform. As people and algorithms love reels, you should focus on making them.

2. Social Media Promotion:

Instagram can be the right platform to reach out to target audiences and get organic and paid traffic. Most active Instagram users are 25 to 34 years of age. Younger people may not be willing to buy the property immediately but look for rent options. Instagram paid ads can be a genuine real estate promotional tool and marketing strategy.

3. Newsletter:

With a monthly/weekly real estate newsletter, you can keep in touch with your past clients and promote your company as an expert to new subscribers. The newsletter content may range from the newest listings to nearby tours, place recommendations, interviews with leading community members, event reviews, and interior design tips. Sharing such guides can help you come across as a real estate agent and friend. People will think about your firm when looking for a property.

4. Referrals:

Word-of-mouth still works well to get new clients. Sellers can find their real estate agent via a referral from a trustworthy person. Getting a referral is an eternal real estate marketing trend that still works in 2023. People may recommend you to their friends and share your qualities with them. You should always try to keep yourself on their mind so they easily remember your brand name when opportunities arise.

  • Stay in Touch: Videos and newsletters help you in staying in touch with clients. Frequent posting of video content helps you increase subscribers and strengthen relationships with previous clients.
  • Conduct Educational Workshops/Webinars: Live connection always works when interacting with people. You can get to know and teach something new to people. They will think about your brand the next time their loved ones require you to buy or sell the property.

5. Associate With Local Businesses:

Partnering with local businesses will widen your client base. You can exchange flyers and business cards, and conduct an online event to exchange guest posts or promote each other via an email campaign. Another technique to promote your brand name is to sponsor certain local events. Check if you have any sports, school, or charity programs where you can participate in exchange for a brand mention.

6. Build a Network:

Being a part of a community on social media comes with numerous benefits. Besides getting a chance to discuss common issues, you get new perspectives, stay updated with the latest industry trends and make yourself known to people outside your locality. Moreover, you can keep getting new marketing ideas for a realtor delivered directly to your social media feed. You should be active and present yourself as a skilled expert. When your colleagues get clients moving to your neighborhood, they may refer them to you. You can join numerous official real estate groups on Linkedin and Facebook. Own a community if you want to stand out in the marketplace and share certain valuable insights. Facebook is the right platform to start discussions and reply to people's queries. Linkedin is the perfect platform to post longer articles and spread messages.

7. Website SEO:

A professional real estate website is crucial to building a brand and connecting with new clients. People will trust your brand more if they can research you easily and find a clean website with the newest listings, detailed information, client testimonials, and blogs. The best content adds no value to your website if it's ranking on the 5th page of Google search results. Here are the tips to improve your website search engine rank: Add relevant keywords to your blogs and website content. Increase the speed of loading your website. Go for a simpler design if your website is too slow. Your website should always look attractive but also load quickly. Optimize for mobile devices as Google and target customers prioritize optimized websites. Build a website authority by placing many backlinks. You can do that by posting links to articles on social media and websites, such as Quora and Reddit, where people ask their queries. The links also help in driving organic traffic to a website. Upgrade websites frequently as Google knows it stays relevant for visitors. Write descriptive meta tags which include relevant keywords. Do paid real estate promotions to attract new leads and drive more traffic to a website. Google considers it as a positive metric when people stay on it for at least a few minutes.

8. Google Screened:

Google Screened is a free verification tool for Law professionals, Real Estate, Child Care, and Financial Planning. It evaluates your license and gives a special badge, which tells people your business has been checked. Your real estate firm can easily build trust among new clients.

The Bottomline

So, the points above reflect how real estate marketing looks in the digital era of 2023. These marketing strategies implementation will help you to take your business to the next level in 2023. You will get many clients and close lucrative deals. All the best!